Networking is a fundamental aspect of many legal roles. Here, a Shoosmiths trainee solicitor offers her advice on how to maximise your virtual networking success.

Networking is the art of cultivating professional relationships to aid your social development and commercial opportunity awareness. Any networking that is virtual, is any form of communication that does not take place in a physical setting. This incorporates social media platforms, video-conferencing software, phone calls and email.

Change your view-point

Before COVID-19, networking was intimidating for anyone that isn’t a natural social butterfly. Add in social distancing measures and you might question whether it’s worth the effort. You couldn’t be more wrong – if networking is no longer daunting, it becomes enjoyable.

Adapt to the ‘new normal’

The COVID-19 restrictions make physical meetings almost impossible. This makes it even more important to showcase your resilience and versatility in challenging circumstances.

Be pro-active

Seize the day and take the initiative to create new networking opportunities. Virtual networking comes in a variety of forms. It could be a formally arranged video meeting with a contact or a spontaneous chat with a colleague.

Calm your nerves

Take a minute to get organised before a call. It’s important to recognise how you’re feeling and the steps that you can take to remedy that.

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